Terms and conditions


1. Terms and conditions stated below govern your use of the IWSA website on registration for the Winter Swimming World Championships 2018 (further WSWC 2018) and general use of the IWSA website.

2. By using our website, you agree with our terms and conditions completely. In case of disagreement with any part of terms and conditions, you must not use our website.

3. Winter Swimming World Championships (further WSWC) is an event created and governed by the International Winter Swimming Association (further IWSA). For 2018, the rights to take on championships was granted to Tallinn, Estonia, with the Tallinn Winter Swimming Center (Tallinna Taliujumiskeskus MTÜ, Kasemetsa tee 5 Haabneeme alevik, Viimsi vald Harjumaa, 74001) as main organizers.


4. To be eligible on using our website you must:

– Be 18 years old in order to register and able to make payment (accounts created for winter swimmers of age groups A1 and A2 according to IWSA age categories and paid by person of older age are allowed).
– Complete the registration process by verifying your email and providing true, complete and up to date information.
– Agree to Terms and Conditions.


5. The Term begins when you register for WSWC 2018 and continue as long as you use the website. By clicking the button and entering your username means that you’ve “officially” signed the Term.

6. Terms may be changed at any time by the IWSA board members. You will be informed by email given to your prior registration, in case changes occur.

Account and password

7. If you register with our website, you will be asked to enter your email and password.

8. You must keep your password confidential and you are responsible for any account you have access to. In case of any unauthorized use of your account, you must inform us immediately via contact forms available on our website or using our social media.

9. We don’t have access to your password and can only reset it for you in case you have forgot it or lost.

10. You are responsible for any activity on our website. In case of failure keeping you account secured, you may be liable for any losses arising from such a failure.

Payment and refunds

11. All payments are made and processed via PayPal and a selected credit card payment vendor. We do not store any of your credit card information.

12. All payments are accepted in Euros (EUR).

13. Refunds during the registration periods are made by contacting info@winterswimming.world until February 28, 2018 (i.e., due to illness, unable to make a date etc.). Starting from March 1, 2018 registration fee will not be refundable.

14. Participation fee prices are split in 2 periods.

– Period 1. Base price for individual swims fee is 45 EUR, and 100 for relay teams.
– Period 2. Base price for individual swims fee is 50 EUR, and 110 f0r relay teams.

All of the other items are fixed price.

You will be informed via email and website, what period is currently active and for how long.


15. Our website uses cookies and by using our website or agreeing to terms and conditions above (Chapter 1-12), you consent to use of cookies stated in our privacy and cookies policy.