Winter swimmers will be able to compete in the following distances


With time control

25 meter Breaststroke
25 meter Ice Butterfly
25 meter Freestyle
50 meter Breaststroke
50 meter Freestyle
100 meter Breaststroke
100 meter Freestyle
200 meter Freestyle
200 meter Breaststroke
450 meter endurance

The 1000 meter swim is dismissed according to the IWSA Water Classification table, which marks the water as “Ice water”, therefore making the 200 meter freestyle the longest distance, and the 450 meter endurance as an exception due to high demand.

Without time control

Young seals – make a dip
Seals – a 25 meter Freestyle swim
Polar bears – a 50 meter Freestyle swim

Team relays swims

4×25 meter Breaststroke team relay
4×25 meter Freestyle team relay
Water performance team